Chuta que é macumba


This is a very funny expression. It means “Kick it, it is witchcraft!”. Macumba is a ritual in some religions where food, dead chicken, candles and other things are offered to gods or spirits.

This expression is used to show disagreement with bad luck, or to show that something is ugly or must be avoided.


  • Amanhã tenho um encontro com a Soraia da rua de cima. Você conhece ela?
  • Conheço sim, mas chuta que é macumba mano.


Literally means “kick that it’s macumba/voodoo”. It can have different meanings, depending on the context. But usually it is used with pejorative connotations.

Can be used to describe a bad situation. When used to talk about a woman, it means that she is very ugly.


  • Caralho velho, olha aquela baranga!
  • Sai! Chuta que é macumba!