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About Speak Like A Brazilian

Speak Like A Brazilian is a public website, licensed under a Creative Commons license. It was created in 2012 by Bruno P. Kinoshita so that he could help an Irish friend living in Brazil to understand better what was spoken in supermarket, drusgtores, pubs, and other places where the casual Brazilian Portuguese is used.

The website is hosted on GitHub, and built with Open Source libraries. The source code of the whole website is also available on GitHub.

Planned future work includes working more on semantic web and linked data, providing resources such as data that can be imported by users to create dictionaries, machine translation tools, or perform other natural language processing work.

The website name can be abbreviated to SLBR. At the moment we are serving 669 expressions.

Press Contacts

Feel free to get in contact directly with Bruno P. Kinoshita for comment, clarification, or questions about Speak Like A Brazilian.

In the media

These are some examples of Speak Like A Brazilian being mentioned in the media, blogs, social media, and academia.

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  • Twitter
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  • Hacker News
    • link—First post on Hacker News by Bruno P. Kinoshita
  • Reddit
    • link—First post on Reddit to the r/Portuguese community by Bruno P. Kinoshita
    • link—Listed as a resource in the Wiki of r/Portuguese for learning Brazilian Portuguese
  • Academia
    • link—Data of SLBR used in doctorate thesis “Ensino de Língua Portuguesa: Inserção Linguística de Estrangeiros no Ensino Médio Oficial Brasileiro” by Emerson Salino, PUC/SP
    • link—Used in an assignment for the World Languages