Come quieto


It is said that mineiros like to eat quietly. While the literal translation makes no sense, after a brief explanation you will find this expression very useful.

Some say that mineiros are a very simple and humble people, and sometimes they don’t try to show off their own qualities. While a mineiro may be a rocket scientist, probably he will say only “I’m just good with numbers… wanna eat a pão-de-queijo”? The mineiro people are very amiable, friendly and extremely modest.

That’s way some say they like to eat quietly. On the other hand, this expression started being used in other situations too. Like when in your group of friends, one of them gets laid with all the girls, but doesn’t tell anyone. You can say that he is a “come quieto”, or that “ele come quieto”.


  • Ela: O João é um amor né?
  • Ele: Sei… ele é o maior come quieto, isso sim! (probably he has already been friend-zoned)