Filho de peixe peixinho é


Like father, like son. The translation for the Brazilian Portuguese version is “son of fish, a little fish (fry, fingerling) is”. It is used in the same way as with the English expression, to point that someone is similar to somebody else because they are of the same family, kind, taste, etc.

It can also be abbreviated to just the first part, “filho de peixe”. When talking about a girl or woman, the masculine version can still be used, or it can simply be translated to “filha de peixe, peixinha é”.


  • O Éderson engravidou a vizinha!
  • Igual o pai dele! Filho de peixe, ?
Synonyms: “tal pai, tal filho”, “tal pai, tal filha”, “tal mãe, tal filha”, “tal mãe, tal filho”, “cara de um, focinho de outro”