@kinow 2012-08-26 21:11:08

Okay, this one can be very handy. Literally translating, it would be "Shitting and walking". But the meaning, is similar to "Water off a duck's back".

There's a pun with those Yogurts the makes your intestines work better and Johnnie Walker, as one makes you shit, and the other says to keep walking.

It is used to demonstrate that you don''t care about something.


- Ow, ouviu o que eles tão falando de você?
- Bah, cagando e andando mano.

@kinow 2012-08-28 22:00:31

Leet way of saying "Embora" or "Simbora", meaning "let's go".


- Tá a fim de um pastel?
- Claro! Bora!

@kinow 2012-08-30 17:22:22

When something is extremely expensive, you can say that it is a "facada". Say you find a beer for 100 USD in a local buteco. You could say that that is a facada.


- Quanto tá a breja ae?
- A garrafa tá 100 dólares.
- 100 dólares? Tá louco?! Que facada!

@kinow 2012-08-27 00:06:21

A beer.


- Vê uma breja gelada, por favor.

@kinow 2012-08-28 21:58:55

A beer. Same as loira gelada.


- Ow garçom! Me vê uma loura gelada?!

@Juliana Arthuso 2013-07-06 14:55:51

kind of like "chit-chat", but nicer.
"trocar uma ideia" - to exchange some ideas with someone, about anything you feel like.
Generally the conversation is about deep questions of "life, the universe and everything". However, "trocar uma ideia" can also be a nice way to get to know someone, like when you discuss about musical preferences, and things like that.
It works better when one or both of the speakers are drunk.


- E aí Rafa, tudo bom?
- Tudo...mas estou me sentindo meio triste hoje.
- Tudo bem, senta aqui, vamos "trocar uma ideia"!

- Vamos pra um barzinho hoje?
- Opa, claro que sim! Tô querendo mesmo trocar uma ideias com alguém!
- Então vambora!

@kinow 2012-09-05 13:06:38

Same as she's out of my league, but the translation is she is too much sand to my little truck.


- Você vai pedir o telefone da Janete?
- Eu não, ela é areia demais pro meu caminhãozinho.

@kinow 2012-12-21 13:09:14

"Gambiarras" are workarounds, or improvisations that people do to overcome problems. Like when you have no power adapter and you build your own with staples and paper clips. Probably the gambiarra champion is MacGyver.


- Oh não! A impressora quebrou.
- Não se preocupe. Me dê um clipes, uma cenoura e dois palitos de dentes que arrumo.
- Que gambiarra!